Why I've Been Away...

Hello to all...I have been away because I have been shopping for and purchased a horse.  He is a 16hh Palomino; a thick boy!  He is 9 y.o. great on the trail and needs quite a bit of training in the arena.  Now that I'm back, I will continue my Art Yarn Spin Challenge and I am working on a project of a wrap that I will keep you posted on.  See next blog post!


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Art Yarn #3 of my SPIN CHALLENGE - LOOPS

OK, so this method was a bit more challenging than the Candy Stripe method.  When knitted, the cloth ends up with loops hanging every few inches or so.  Could be very cool when a bunch of Loop Yarns are knitted together!  Click on the photo for the video.

Art Yarn #1 of my SPIN CHALLENGE - NUBS

In 2005, the first book on art yarn was published.  It is called Handspun Revolution by Lexi Boeger.  It chronicles the first art yarns of the movement.  I am reproducing the yarns from this book, one by one.  They are the earliest yarns of the art yarn movement.  The first yarn is called "Nubs".  Click on photo for video.

Almost Ready

The Inyo Register will soon be running a story on the Art Yarn Movement coming to Bishop and the story will feature Frey Fiber Company (FFC).  Pretty exciting for us.  We have decided to open on Thursdays from 10-4 to start.  If business warrants, we'll open more often.  Still trying to decide on an Open Studio night.  In the meantime, we've been spinning and we're about ready to weave some love Sari Silk Ribbons into a vest-ish or jacket-ish cover up.  The ribbons arrived today and were amazing.  The colors are so vibrant it looks like they'd color your hand if you touched them.  A Taste of Bishop, the Home Show, and the Choo Choo Swap Meet are this weekend, so we'll be out and about distributing cards and flyers about FFC.  We're just running on the fuel of trying to get everything ready.   Likely we'll open in 2 weeks.  YIKES!   Stay tuned for the woven piece photo!

frey fiber company start up

It's been about 3 months since we started trying to open Frey Fiber Company.  We we've had lots of help from folks, Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts and Spinolution. I found Ashley on Youtube many years ago when she was in her backyard dyeing roving and teaching us how to "braid roving."  Wow, many years have passed since then.  I have also been helped by Spinolution and Schacht.  We are a dealer for both!  We carry Spinolution Pollywog (Baby), Echo (Big Sister), and Maach III (Mama).  The ease of these wheels and looms make them the best on the market.  They are the most intuitive and user friendly ones available. The wheel has only 1 band for tension and all sorts of brilliant magnetic fixes and the loom has the best tension knobs on the market...no slipping and unwinding of the work!  Once we received approval from those 2 dealers, things really began falling into place.  We added 4H to our associates and have requested a Fiber Arts category be included in the Bishop, Tri-County Fair.  The feedback was positive, so we are hopeful.  Marketing, ordering, receiving, returning, shipping, mailing, packaging, on and on...part of the biz.  Every now and then a break to get our hands back into the fiber is well needed. Latest project has been spinning thick and thin for a blanket.  We hope you enjoy the photos and we'll keep you posted! Comments available below.  (Click on the far right of the gallery of photos below.  It moves left and right)